Analysis: Carbon Dioxide Degradable Plastic Promotional "three

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As the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide emissions and resource use global concern. At present the research in this area has made a breakthrough, particularly in the production of biodegradable plastics using carbon dioxide, the advent of technology has greatly enhanced our control greenhouse gas emissions and cycle Economy Capacity. However, the actual investigation in early May was not what reporters expected interview: For various reasons, the current domestic carbon dioxide slow progress of degradable plastics industry.

"As the cost of carbon dioxide degradable plastic high price high Sell Difficulty, therefore, we have stopped production. "May 7, Nanyang, Henan Tianguan Group official told this reporter. In fact, according to report, in addition to day crown, the country has now achieved the 4 sets of large-scale production of carbon dioxide degradable plastic devices, were not up to production targets. some parts of carbon dioxide in biodegradable plastic strong investment promotion projects, and most difficult to implement.'s learned in the interview, the current degradation of plastic industrial carbon dioxide and application of three major problems are encountered.

Challenges: the cost of too much pressure. At present, China successfully developed the carbon dioxide degradable plastics technologies include four kinds, namely, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of rare earth complexes, alkyl metal compounds, polyols and cyclic carbonate composite catalyst efficiency as the core of the aliphatic Polycarbonate Preparation; CAS Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry of nano catalysts core reaction of carbon dioxide and propylene oxide production of biodegradable plastics technology; Tianjin University of rare earth complex as the core catalyst copolymerization of carbon dioxide and epichlorohydrin production of aliphatic polycarbonates ester technology; Guangdong Zhongshan University in an efficient nano-catalysts for the efficient synthesis of propylene oxide core, propylene carbonate resin technology. In this four kinds of technologies to realize there are three kinds of industrialization, followed by the CAS Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Inner Mongolia Mengxi technology put into operation 3,000 tons of high-tech group / year, in the sea Oil 3,000 tons of chemical stock company / year degradable plastic items, put into operation with the Guangdong Zhongshan University Technology Nanyang, Henan Tianguan Group 5000 tons / year project, and the use of Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry Technology was put into production in Jiangsu Yu Jinlong Jinlong Green Technology Group Chemical Co., Ltd. 2000 tons / year degradable plastic items.

As small scale of these projects, projects with the catalyst or catalyst is the earth, either catalyst, currently only a small volume, low yield, expensive. In addition, one of the main raw material required for the project propylene oxide and epichlorohydrin high price, plus the money for a new product promotion costs, resulting in carbon dioxide up to the final cost of degradable plastics 18,000 yuan / ton. Prices in the oil-based plastics with the case of lower oil prices, carbon dioxide, the cost of degradable plastics companies under increasing pressure, has affected the normal operations of enterprises.

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Analysis: Carbon Dioxide Degradable Plastic Promotional "three

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This article was published on 2010/10/20